Should You Link Your Loyalty Scheme To Your EPOS?

Using the loyalty features integrated within your EPOS seems logical, as it would seem to ease the payment process, but there are several reasons why it may not be the best solution for your business.

If you have multiple sites, you may well have different EPOS systems, stopping you from using one loyalty system across them all.

Even if you don’t have more than one site, what if you decide to change EPOS systems and your loyalty scheme is tied to them? Cancelling a loyalty scheme and introducing a new one is going to have a big impact on your loyal customers. How are you going to honour the points already collected on the outgoing system? How will your customers feel about having to switch cards or apps?

An independent loyalty system will still operate seamlessly even if your EPOS changes.

In addition, EPOS providers are not loyalty experts. For example, if you want your loyalty system to run via an app or anything other than a conventional card, then they may not support it.

EPOS systems are also not focussed on marketing, whereas a quality independent loyalty system will provide online marketing functionality to enable you to get your targeted offers out in a timely and flexible way by email, text, or app notification.

If you need a loyalty system which rewards visits, rather than purchases, these can be handled automatically via location services within a loyalty scheme app, therefore not needing any tie in to your EPOS.

Here at Loyalty Pro, our systems allow you and your customers to choose whether they wish to carry a conventional loyalty card or use a mobile device, integrated credit/debit card or something else such as a contactless fob or wristband.

What’s more, we have developed the most functional and customisable loyalty app on the market to offer a seamless way for our customers to switch to a smartphone if and when they are ready.

Plus, our loyalty systems have been specially designed to include a marketing portal – enabling you to target your customers directly with tailored marketing messages, through different marketing mediums and with individual offers based on their spending patterns.

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