Loyalty Pro App

Our simple and easy to use Loyalty Pro Digital Card App enables your customers to have instant access to their reward points, outstanding vouchers and personal details.

The points are collected based on the monetary spend in each store and every shopper can be able to see their total amount of points up to date as well as the number of points required for the next voucher.

Once a new voucher becomes available the Loyalty App displays a notification. All the valid vouchers will also be displayed in the Balance Overview screen including its value and validity.

Business holders also have an option of sending instant messages to their customers via our Loyalty Pro portal. The messaging feature can be used in a number of ways such as marketing any offers and promotions or sending information and reminders to individual customers. Any messages sent will be displayed on the Main Menu screen.

Additionally, every customer has an option to view and update their personal details and check their individual loyalty card number.

We have implemented a secure validation system which allows the customer to log in to the app by using their loyalty card details or by simply scanning the card barcode or tapping their Loyalty Pro NFC reader on the back of the phone.

Our revolutionary Loyalty App can be downloaded directly from your website or from Google Play Store.


Login Screen

Main Menu Screen

Instant Messaging Feature

Balance overview in a Standard Loyalty Scheme

Balance overview in a Trading Group Loyalty Scheme

Voucher Balance