Loyalty Pro Slatepoint system can also be used in retail businesses. The system can be tailored to suit the business requirements and help improve its footfall and profitability. Here how your business can benefit from using Slatepoint:

  • Incentivise and reward your customers with complete flexibility of discounts
  • Give customers a reason to return for another visit
  • Access to CRM database and marketing tools
  • MI reports on your customers updated in real time
  • Promotion of products/offers on screen at your shop counters
  • Broadcasting messages to all shops instantly
  • Access to video or sound communication
  • Portable tablet allowing flexibility and ease of access

Case Study - York Roast

The York Roast Company is a fast growing chain of food outlets based across the UK. The company serves freshly roasted hand carved meat sandwiches, Yorkshire pudding meals and refreshments to eat in or take out.

The Challenge

Each York Roast outlet draws customers in from the street with its mouth-watering theatre of the carvery displays in its windows. In 2012 the company approached Loyalty Pro for help to create a loyalty scheme.

Wayne Chadwick, MD of the York Roast Company said: “At first I was a bit cynical about a loyalty scheme and how it would work. But we’re a fast growing business and I knew it was crucial for us to be able to engage with our customers and build a database so that we could continually promote to them. Loyalty Pro is a great system and the team behind it is very responsive.”

Our Solution

To help them engage with their customers, we built a bespoke loyalty scheme for the company which they called ‘Love Roasts, Love Locals’.

The loyalty card was piloted in the company’s Chester branch and worked so well that it was rolled out to all their branches. It is now being used in all six sites across the country.

Loyalty is now so important to York Roast that they promote their loyalty card on the home page of the website as well as on their Twitter and Facebook pages and in store.

Sign up is quick and easy and customers are sent their loyalty cards in the post within a matter of days. On joining the scheme, new customers are given 300 points for free, which is equivalent to £3, and another 20 points when they buy their first sandwich. After that, one point is awarded for every £1 spent.

As more York Roast stores open across the country, we provide a terminal for each counter and can offer staff training.

The beauty of our systems is that they contain live data so at any time we can feedback how many loyalty purchases are being made and to what value.

The Impact

Across the brand, the Loyalty Pro reward system is helping York Roast process more than 8,500 loyalty purchases every year – and this number is growing. Our systems are helping the company to generate over £76,000 of loyalty spend annually.

Wayne Chadwick said: “Today, our customers are crazy about our loyalty cards and they love building up their points and getting their due rewards.

“It’s a very easy system to use and our team members find it simple to operate. In fact, we are so committed to it that when we’re busy we often put a dedicated member of the team on the till to sign up new loyalty cards.

“We recently launched a new delivery service with Deliveroo and before Xmas we harvested our loyalty database and emailed out a promotional offer telling them about the new service. We also use it to send out offers of the month.

“We’ve found that our customers use us again and again and really engage with the card – even posting up pictures of themselves in store on social media.

“When we open new branches we have staff out in the street with tablets registering people and giving them free 300 point incentives to come into store. We are very proactive.

“Each store manager is monitored to see how many loyalty applications they process each week with a league table drawn up of all the stores. We publish the results every week and our Kingston branch is often top. On average we sign up 50 new people a week – but during a marketing push one store could easily do this alone.

“We’ve discovered that people love loyalty. They like something for nothing and it gives them a feeling of belonging. What’s great for us is that once they are hooked into our brand our customers tend to use it more.

“The best thing about a loyalty card is that it helps us as a business to engage with our customers. Our branches are in a lot of tourist areas such as York and Chester and giving people a loyalty card is our way of making them feel loved on a local level.

“It’s also a way of measuring how well we are doing - and customers can be rewarded on a regular basis for their commitment to our brand.”

York Roast Co Loyalty Page

Case Study – Sparks E-cigs

Sparks E-cigs is a fast-growing vaping retailer stocking high quality vaping devices and e-liquids from all over the world. The company prides itself on its competitive prices and great customer service both online and in store.

The Challenge

In May 2016, the business was looking for a loyalty scheme capable of growing with them.

Sparks first got in touch with us in May 2016, when they were looking to implement a loyalty card solution that they could promote to customers in their stores located in High Wycombe, Aylesbury, and Hemel Hempstead.

Graeme White, Supply Chain and Distribution Manager at Sparks, said: “Originally, we wanted to develop a database of our in-store customers.

“We came to the decision that the most effective way to do this was to introduce a loyalty scheme, which would allow us to give our customers 'rewards' for signing up and gives us the opportunity to market offers to them.”

Our Solution

We worked closely with Sparks to implement our standard tablet based system, with multiple tablets in the stores, and added some additional features on request.

We developed an add-on capable of recording the amount of membership cards issued by each staff member, which allows Sparks to monitor sign-ups via automated reports and these are emailed over every Monday. They can also be used for various performance and incentive-based reviews.

The Sparks Club Member Loyalty Scheme is available in all Sparks stores and customers can join the scheme by picking up a card in any store.

Shoppers can be easily registered onto the loyalty scheme via the tablet in store, or online through the Sparks website.

Graeme said: “It's quick and easy for our customers to sign up and we ask them for their name, contact details and date of birth.

“We have introduced a commission structure, so staff are motivated to sign customers up as they get a percentage of sales put through the loyalty system.”

At Loyalty Pro, we created a dedicated webpage which was linked up to the Sparks website, to ensure that all online registrations are instantly sent to our database.

Sparks then divided up their products into individual purchase categories, a feature that can be used within the Loyalty Pro systems, enabling the business to specifically target offers to clients based on their individual shopping habits.

In addition, our interactive tablets allow Sparks to capture customer data, which is used for marketing purposes by the business.

On joining the scheme new customers are given Club Member Cards pre-loaded with 25 points, equivalent to £2.50. 1 point is awarded for every £2 spent in store after this time.

As soon as a customer reaches 50 points, they are issued with a £5 printed voucher which can be spent in any Sparks store.

What’s more, Sparks Club Members benefit from an array of special offers and in-store promotions, and will be first to receive first-hand knowledge about new Vaping products. Customers on the scheme are also invited to sign up for Club Member only events, and receive 50 extra points when they refer a friend.

The Impact

After just one year of operation, our Loyalty Pro systems have processed over £1million of loyalty transactions for Sparks. Over 36,770 additional purchases have been generated as a result of the scheme.

“Our customers love the scheme and the rewards they get for signing up,” Graeme said.

“We have found that offering 25 points just for registering leads to more people signing up.”

The impressive number of registrations only looks set to grow with the opening of a fourth store in Cowley, Oxford in January, which has also been running the scheme since it opened.

“We’re very pleased with the loyalty scheme,” Graeme added. “We didn't expect it to take off so well!”

Case Study - Garbett Butchers

Garbett Butchers is a premium family butchers based on the high street in Wolverhampton. The business was established in 1954 and has provided its customers with quality meat for generations.


The Challenge

Shopper footfall across British high streets has been in a steady decline for a number of years which continues to have a huge impact on local independent shops.

In September 2015, Garbetts challenged Loyalty Pro to create a loyalty scheme to help them engage with their customers, encourage them to shop local rather than online or in a local supermarket and to devise an online marketing tool.

Garbett Butcher’s Deliveries Manager Katie said: “We wanted to futureproof our business and we knew that implementing a robust loyalty card scheme would help us better engage with our current and potential future customers.

“Our business has been built on loyalty – we know all our customers by name, for example. But today that is not enough. We knew we needed to be better. We needed to use the same communication channels as our customers.”

Our Solution

We listened and built a loyalty scheme for Garbetts, focusing on helping them to increase their customer interaction. We supplied the shop with a tablet, stand and printer and an initial 1000 loyalty cards.

The cards are quick and easy for customers to sign up to in store and, once registered, customers receive information on products relevant to them - based on their previous purchases - as well as a host of promotional offers.

To help them communicate with their customers, we also set them up with our card-holder messaging service. This allows them to send emails and weekly text messages to targeted lists of customers based on their purchase history.

We handle all of the administration to ensure that the messages reach their intended targets in the most effective ways for them.

The Impact

Garbetts wanted to have 1,000 loyalty customers signed up within the first year – and hit their target in the first 9 months.

In that time, our loyalty system has helped them generate over £50,000 in loyalty spend and at least 40 new customers sign up every week.
Katie said: “Loyalty Pro has helped us to fight back against falling high street footfall. It’s a great loyalty system.

“I love the way we can better engage with our customers, whether that’s updating them on company news, offers of the week or simply wishing them well on a national holiday.
“We can see which offers work the best and regularly get at least a 10% response from our promotional text messages. Since the scheme started, the level of response has been far greater for us than advertising on social media.

“Even better, our customers love our loyalty scheme too. Feedback has been extremely positive and people like the fact that we can target them with very individual offers via text, email or face-to-face because we know them so well.

“It’s great that we are now able to give something back to our customers because their loyalty means so much to us and the future of our family business.”