Established in 2006, Loyalty Pro offers Interactive Loyalty Systems tailored to your business needs. Supported by a Microsoft Gold Certified IT company, we provide businesses with systems and solutions to improve your business.

Our Company Values

We offer a first class personal service in order to satisfy individual business needs.
Our main focus is to put independent retailers on an equal footing with national chains and supermarkets in terms of competing and retaining customers,
while providing an advantage over their direct competitors.

Our aim is to improve the profitability and customer experience. We are service orientated and we feel that an effective loyalty system can pay for itself.

As a result we provide an innovative and proactive service to ensure that our clients get the maximum benefit.


We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations through practice policies, which include:

  • Reduce our paper consumption by using email and SMS communication with both our clients and their customers
  • Over 95% of our support to our customers is provided remotely, preventing unnecessary visits and fuel consumption
  • We carefully select our vehicles based on their fuel efficiency and the manufacturers’ commitment to environmental policy.
  • Re-use and recycle all packaging and waste materials
  • We ensure that all our redundant technology is disposed of in compliance with environmental legislation
  • We are committed to reducing energy consumption at our premises by installing solar panels and replacing oil fired heater with heat exchange technology
  • Our products are designed to encourage people to shop locally, thereby reducing their carbon footprint substantially


Find out more about the work that we do by clicking on the links below.

The York Roast Company is a fast growing chain of food outlets based across the UK. In 2012 the company approached Loyalty Pro for help to create a loyalty scheme.

Maidstone Harley-Davidson is owned by independent family-run Laguna Motorcycles Ltd. Since 2011, we have provided loyalty card solutions for their customers.

Britannia has a portfolio of 51 hotels across the UK and since 2011, Loyalty Pro has worked closely with them to create and deliver their Grand Rewards Scheme.