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Loyalty Pro Helps Vaping Retailer Generate Over £1million In Loyalty Spend

June 12, 2017

A leading loyalty reward specialist has helped fast-growing vaping retailer Sparks E-cigs generate over £1million in loyalty transactions.

More than 36,000 additional purchases have been generated as a result of the scheme, which was implemented just a year ago.

Sparks stock high quality vaping devices and e-liquids from all over the world, with a focus on competitive prices and great customer service, both online and in store.

In May 2016, the company was looking for a loyalty scheme capable of growing with them. They wanted to offer a loyalty card to customers in each of their stores, located in High Wycombe, Aylesbury, and Hemel Hempstead.

Graeme White, Supply Chain and Distribution Manager at Sparks, said: “Originally, we wanted to develop a database of our in-store customers, but came to the decision that the most effective way to do this was to introduce a loyalty scheme.

“This allows us to give our customers ‘rewards’ for signing up and gives us the opportunity to market offers to them.”

Loyalty Pro worked closely with Sparks to implement a standard tablet-based system, with multiple tablets in the stores, and some additional features added on request.

The loyalty provider developed an add-on capable of recording the number of membership cards issued by each member of staff, allowing Sparks to monitor sign-ups via automated reports which are emailed over every Monday. These can also be used for various performance and incentive-based reviews.

Shoppers can sign up to the loyalty scheme via the tablet in-store, or online through the Sparks website.

Graeme said: “It’s quick and easy for our customers to sign up and we simply ask them for their name, contact details and date of birth at the outset.

“We have introduced a commission structure, so staff are motivated to sign up customers as they get a percentage of sales put through the loyalty system.”

Upon joining the scheme, customers are given Club Member Cards pre-loaded with 25 points, equivalent to £2.50. 1 point is awarded for every £2 spent in store after this time.

As soon as a customer reaches 50 points, they are issued with a £5 printed voucher which can be spent in any Sparks store.

Sparks Club Members benefit from an array of special offers and in-store promotions, and they are the first to receive first-hand knowledge about new Vaping products. Customers are also invited to sign up for Club Member only events, and receive 50 extra points when they refer a friend.

“Our customers love the scheme and the rewards they get for signing up,” Graeme said.

“We have found that offering 25 points just for registering leads to more people signing up.”

The impressive number of registrations only looks set to grow with the opening of a fourth store in Cowley, Oxford in January, which has also been running the scheme since it opened.

“We’re very pleased with the loyalty scheme,” Graeme added. “We didn’t expect it to take off so well!”

The Sparks Club Member Loyalty Scheme is available in all Sparks stores. To join, simply pick up a card in any Sparks store.



  • Pictured L>R Rob White, Head of Operations, Sparks E-cigs; Mason Stewart, Retail Assistant, Sparks E-cigs
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