Customer joins loyalty club at retailer and receives their card.


Customer details including card number are entered into the tablet


Data is instantly transmitted to head office. Date analysed and reports prepared


Customer reaches target and reward is issued in store

Instant. Simple. Flexible.

Loyalty cards can be collected and registered at any participating outlet via the Loyalty Pro tablet. They can also be distributed from a central point and registered via your private log-in on the Loyalty Pro website which can be linked to your website and branded to match the scheme. Loyalty cards can also be linked to the loyalty app, in order for customers to collect points without their card, track their points and receive their vouchers on an app. Once a card is registered the cardholder will receive an email with the:

  • Details of how to use the card and check point balances
  • Terms and conditions of use
  • A list of all your participating stores

Whenever a Loyalty Pro card or app is swiped or scanned for purchase, the system downloads the customer’s data allowing you to personalise the transaction. In addition the tablet also displays promotions at the counter, meaning you can advertise offers or events direct to your target market.

One of the major advantages of Loyalty Pro is the ability to display customers’ information instantly when a card or app has been swiped or scanned. This feature can be used to validate the identity of the card holder and provides the opportunity to up-sell and make the transaction a personal experience.

Using the card is a simple & quick process

When the card is swiped in the Loyalty Pro terminal at the point of sale and the total amount entered onto the tablet, the transaction will be communicated with our servers where it will be logged in and the information will be send back to the tablet screen, all in a matter of seconds. Once a voucher becomes available a notification will be displayed on the tablet screen.

The available vouchers can be printed in store on a printer that can be obtained from us, alternatively they can be emailed instantly to the customers’ email address and printed by them.

Tailored to your business needs

The reward percentage awarded to customers is entirely at your discretion.
We can help you calculate the cost of running the scheme.
The cards are professionally designed using high-quality materials and complete with your branding.
A range of card designs and reward levels are available, such as bronze, silver, gold and platinum.
Once your cards are up and running, our website can be used to market promotions to your clients via email or text.
You can also target clients by categories such as highest spenders, product purchases, or most frequent visitors.


Our state-of-the-art tablet terminal with touch-screen has many advantages over traditional terminals. Available in 7″ form with integral 3G for portability, or 10″ form for greater viewing area and presentation usage, Slatepoint is recommended for most customers.
The tablet comes with a robust flip stand and hardware security to prevent theft.
For more information visit here.

We can supply additional extras your business may need such as

  • Instant voucher printer
  • Additional security device
  • External 3G/4G communications device
  • ‘Keyfob’ style loyalty cards
  • Gift Card functionality either in conjunction with the loyalty scheme or as a standalone secure Gift Card system.

Improve your turnover, profits and customer service


Find out more about the work that we do by clicking on the links below.

Garbett Butchers is a premium family butchers based in Wolverhampton. The business approached Loyalty Pro in 2015 for a scheme to encourage customers to shop local. 

Maidstone Harley-Davidson is owned by independent family-run Laguna Motorcycles Ltd. Since 2011, we have provided loyalty card solutions for their customers.

Britannia has a portfolio of 51 hotels across the UK and since 2011, Loyalty Pro has worked closely with them to create and deliver their Grand Rewards Scheme.