Community Scheme

Are you looking for the perfect Loyalty/Reward Scheme to improve the footfall and customer experience for your trading group? Let us help you!

Whether you are a retail park, a town, city or village, a business improvement district, a buying group or simply a group of like minded innovative store owners – Loyalty Pro has the solution to help you compete with the supermarket chains and the other retailers.

The system uses 'Slatepoint' tablet technology at the counter, for more information about the system used visit here.

Cards work across all terminals, but points accrued are held separately for each account which means that the rewards are only valid at the issuing venue, allowing each trading group member to set their own level of discounts and rewards.

We believe that our systems are the solution to incentivising people to shop locally and keep the community thriving in the face of increasing competition.

Here is a number of benefits our systems can deliver:

For the Trading Group

  • Comprehensive information of which shoppers routed through which streets and which stores they visited
  • M.I. to highlight the links between shopping habits and use of other group facilities
  • A marketing portal allowing marketing to all card holders
  • A method for integrating other group facilities and services with the retail
  • Innovative Support for local Charities
  • A way of engaging visitors and tourists through rewards
  • Improved security and communications
  • Additional advertising of events, which can be updated remotely whenever required
  • Real innovation that the store holders appreciate

For Everyone

  • A full set of resources to ensure the scheme is implemented effectively – including mobile IT engineers, project managers, wifi/mifi experts, developers, a fully manned helpdesk, and an electronic workshop.

For the Individual Retailers

  • Increased footfall and repeat business
  • Improved customer in store experience
  • Additional advertising of your latest offers at the counter
  • A marketing portal allowing marketing to all your store customers
  • Improved store to store communications with other group members
  • A mechanism for checking ID
  • Shared cost of cards and technology
  • Complete control of the level of reward offered

For the Card Holders

  • A web facility for checking your points at all stores
  • Improved customer in store experience
  • Genuine rewards for being loyal to your local town or city
  • The fun elements of collecting rewards
  • Opportunity to accrue rewards for attending/participating in events
  • Green elements whereby points can be awarded for recycling
  • Improved group security and communications

To find out more about the trading group loyalty system click here.

Case study: Love Hoole Community Loyalty Scheme, Cheshire

Hoole is a vibrant suburb of Chester incorporating an eclectic mix of mostly independent shops, bars, restaurants and businesses.

The Challenge

Business owners in Hoole were in the process of founding a traders association (Love Hoole Traders Association) to represent the majority of shop and business owners and were looking for a loyalty scheme to recommend to association members. They were keen to develop a reward scheme which would encourage new and existing customers to keep shopping in the village, rather than use alternatives such as Chester city centre and out of town locations.

Loyalty Pro were looking for a suitable trading community to trial their newly developed community loyalty scheme system; a ‘One Card’ and App across all participating venues.

As with any community scheme the challenge was to provide a flexible system which allowed traders to control, issue and redeem their own voucher rewards at levels appropriate for their individual business, whilst making it a valuable item to carry by customers to use across all the participating venues in Hoole.

Our Solution

We worked with the traders association to launch the Loyalty Pro reward scheme, which was marketed as “Love Hoole”. The trial scheme was implemented with an initial 25 businesses in the area and continues to grow.

This scheme is all about maintaining customer footfall and rewarding their loyalty for every visit and purchase in a simple ‘one solution’ scheme.

The Love Hoole Scheme has its own branding, points system and rewards. Each cardholder can collect reward points earned at any of the individual traders signed up to the scheme. Each time a customer makes a purchase, their loyalty card or App is scanned and their reward points are added instantly.

To raise awareness of the scheme, branded cards and posters were distributed to each venue to facilitate sign up of local people. We ran a high profile PR and radio campaign and created a specific site for Hoole customers to check participating venues, latest news, community events and monitor their reward points and redeemable vouchers.

Cards issued to customers in store can be registered instantly via the tablet or, later, via the Love Hoole website.

We issue retail venues with a customised tablet which operates on a revolving stand, a card scanning device, and a printer (if they opted for paper vouchers rather than email). When they are not handling transactions, the tablets can be turned to face the customer side of the counter and have a set of screens advertising the benefits scheme, local events, and monthly in-store offers. Each trader sends their offers to us once a month and we update the screens remotely with their new offers.

We discovered that some businesses in Hoole, such as the local holistic massage provider, have a limited numbers of customers and no physical shop counter. They were keen to be involved in the Love Hoole loyalty scheme so we provided them with alternative licenced software which runs on their own smartphone, laptop or tablet. This software allows them to easily register new cardholders, enter transactions and redeem vouchers.

Sarah Pearson of Silver Lining Therapies in Hoole, which offers a £10 voucher in return for 100 loyalty points, said: “I use Loyalty Pro’s web browser system because I have fewer customers than a traditional shop. It’s great because all I need to do is grab my iPhone, input the transaction and it’s good to go. The software is easy to use and helps me to keep track of my customers.

“My business was recently featured on a Love Hoole newsletter and I was delighted when I got four new customers as a result.”

Reward vouchers are always for a monetary value to give the cardholder freedom to choose what to spend them on. Vouchers are issued instantly through our system at each retailer when a person’s reward thresholds are reached. Vouchers can either be automatically emailed to the registered card-holder address or printed in store on a branded voucher.

The reward vouchers are valid for a period determined by the individual retailer’s needs, balanced with providing a positive reward experience for the consumer, and are redeemed at the issuing site.

To help promote the scheme, we created a Love Hoole portal website. The site is updated dynamically each time a new retailer is added to the scheme. Cardholders can easily check their points balance and available vouchers at each participating venue by simply logging into the website where we manage a secure portal.

The scheme has subsequently been extended and an app has been introduced. The branded app is downloadable from the App store, Google Marketplace or the Love Hoole website to Apple or android smartphones.

The app allows the operator to check their points balance and available vouchers in each store. In addition, it can be scanned for use with new purchases.

The Love Hoole scheme has a strong altruistic element too. We designed it to allow cardholders to opt to donate their points to participating local charitable and not-for-profit organisations. When sufficient points have accrued, the charities qualify for a voucher which can be redeemed with an equivalent donation from the scheme.

Loyalty marketing tools for business owners

After talking to traders in Hoole, we realised that many wanted support with marketing their business. So we offered to help.

Our scheme allows individual retailers to log in to our Loyalty Pro marketing portal where they can run reports showing statistics about the scheme usage within their premises. They can also run segmented marketing campaigns to the cardholders who have purchased within their store.

These can be delivered by email, text, or as messages which appear the next time the cardholder’s card is scanned. The app allows instant and personalised messaging. It allows messages to be aimed at a purchase group or an individual, allowing personalisation of the customer experience at the counter or on their device.

Fortnightly emails are sent to all Love Hoole cardholders with news of local events, features about the participating traders, and special offers.

Traders can also opt in to our birthday scheme, whereby the system automatically emails all cardholders with upcoming birthdays with special ‘Birthday Treat’ vouchers valid in the participating stores.

Katy Robinson runs The Nail Spa in Hoole which offers a point for every pound that customers spend. Every time a customer reaches 200 points they are rewarded with a £10 voucher. The Nail Spa has put through over 2,200 loyalty purchases since joining the Love Hoole scheme.

Customers are encouraged to sign up themselves via an iPad on the reception desk. The iPad also includes rotating marketing messages to upsell products.

Katy said: “Lots of customers have signed up for our loyalty card and it’s a great tool for us to both keep in touch with them and incentivise them to keep coming back.

“I love the way the system allows us to harness important customer data such as a person’s birthday. We’re using this knowledge to automatically issue them with an extra £10 birthday voucher to spend in the shop. Our customers love it.”

The Impact

In just 11 months, we know that more than 2,000 people are actively using their Love Hoole cards. These people have made 32,000 purchases and our loyalty system has processed a spend of well over £330,000. Over 2,000 reward vouchers have been issued to customers and 1,600 have been redeemed.

Jessica Gore is owner of the women’s designer clothing shop Erj Boutique. She rewards customers who sign up themselves on a tablet in her shop with a £5 gift voucher for every 100 points they save and has put through 700 Love Hoole purchases since she joined the scheme.

She said: “It’s quite easy to spend £100 in the shop so we find customers reach the amount they need to receive a gift voucher fairly quickly. The scheme works well for us as our customers are excited to return to the store to spend their voucher and they typically spend more than the gift voucher amount.

“We also have a £10 birthday voucher that lasts two weeks which has been a great incentive to get customers back in and treat themselves.

“The Love Hoole loyalty card also works well when we have any new customers that are spending a large amount, even if they are not local to the area. When I explain the financial reward for joining, and if I can get them signed up to the card on that day, then in most cases they will return to the area in the near future – which is what the scheme is all about; driving more footfall and rewarding returning customers.

“All the business owners in Hoole want more people to know what a special little place it is. It’s why I think it is so important that we reward our loyal customers and help to keep the village thriving.”

And what do people in Hoole think?

Hoole resident Sarah Cavanagh, who was the thousandth person to sign up to the Love Hoole card, said: “I regularly use loyalty cards and frequently shop in Hoole, so I am really pleased to see our local businesses coming together to offer one loyalty card for all."