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The Grand Reward programme is currently available at the following hotels: Norbreck Castle, Metropole, Savoy - Blackpool, The Grand - Llandudno & Scarborough, Grand Burstin - Folkestone, Adelphi Hotel - Liverpool, Britannia Hotel - Aberdeen, Britannia International Hotel - London, Britannia Hotel & Country House Hotel - Manchester, Royal Albion - Brighton, Britannia Hotel, Roundhouse & Heathlands - Bournemouth, Prince of Wales & Scarisbrick - Southport, Royal & Clifton - Scarborough, Royal Bath - Bournemouth, The Carrington House - Bournemouth, Airport Hotel - Northenden, Daresbury Park - Warrington, Britannia Hotel - Wigan, Britannia Bolton Hotel - Bolton, Sachas Hotel - Manchester, Britannia Hotel Leeds Bradford - Leeds, Britannia Hotel Leeds - Leeds, Britannia Hotel Newcastle Airport - Newcastle, Royal Hotel - Hull

If you are an existing member you can update your details here and view your account. If you would like to join the scheme you can pick up your membershp card from one of the participating hotels and register online.

Watch this space and we will update you when further hotels are participating in the Grand Rewards programme!

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